Strateco is the UK’s foremost solutions provider and advisor on WEEE issues – our seminars have been attended by over 1,000 individuals and over 500 companies across UK and Europe. Compliance Schemes, Producers and Recyclers have used our expertise and knowledge to ensure a best value approach when it comes to the WEEE Regulations.  Strateco runs workshops for all stakeholders affected by the WEEE regulations – please contact us for further information.

  • We regularly meet with BIS officials for WEEE discussions and are represented on the Joint Trades Association, Industry Council for Electronic Recycling and the WEEE Scheme Forum.
  • We have advised and assisted in the creation of several WEEE Compliance Schemes in the UK, Republic of Ireland and Malta.
  • We facility manage the UK’s 4th largest WEEE Compliance Scheme - with nearly 10% of the UK obligated WEEE producers. The Scheme has the support of 13 Trade Associations ranging across a wide range of sectors – medical to monitoring, lighting to water coolers, catering to brewing equipment.
  • We are the UK advisors to PV CYCLE – the pan-European collection and recycling network supported by 90% of the photovoltaic manufacturers and importers active in Europe. PV panels come into the scope of the forthcoming revised WEEE Regulations.

Strateco has extensive knowledge of the three key marketplaces that influence and are influenced by the WEEE regulations:

  1. The Compliance Marketplace – with the UK having a similar number of Producer Compliance Schemes to the rest of Europe combined, it is key that Producers’ interests are protected. We provide personal service and quality advice that really cuts to the core of the issue. 
  2. The Waste Marketplace – with hundreds of recyclers and waste management companies active in WEEE, it is vital to ensure ethical and efficient operations.  This ensures the branding and reputation of Producers is protected from illegal operations and adverse publicity.
  3. Producers of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) need to achieve best advantage in their marketplace where resource efficiency and availability will become paramount.  Optimised reuse and recycling customer services ensure that best strategic positioning is maintained by our clients in the Producer marketplace.

“Not only are they able to offer expert guidance, they add value by providing in-depth insights into how compliance markets and environmental legislation works. Their vision includes an uncanny ability to know what is likely to happen next on matters of WEEE”

Gary Nevison Head of Legislation at Premier Farnell