Waste and Recycling

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Do you want to reduce your waste costs? Most organisations underestimate their costs by as much as ten-fold simply because they only look at their waste management invoices. We track inputs, outputs and added values to give you the true costs and benefits – and the ability to make the right decisions.

Through our understanding of environmental regulation and practical experience, we can rapidly identify the potential ‘quick win’ savings and undertake feasibility studies for the longer term options.

Waste avoidance and reduction involves more than an end-of-pipe approach – it may require a new approach to your supply chain and routes to  market. We can assess your current system and identify potential improvements and variations to identify the best options for you. The costs of waste management, and the values of recyclate, can vary enormously – we can advise on the best value approach.

If you want to reduce your waste, your costs and your on-site hassle – call us for a free waste assessment – with Landfill Tax rising to £80 per tonne in April you have no time to waste!

To find out how Strateco can help you please contact us on action@strateco.co.uk

Strateco can identify the best options for your business, with years of experience and the best resources to hand...