Producer Responsibility and Legal Compliance


Producer Responsibility legislation is aimed at ensuring that those companies that bring products to the market then share their proportion of the costs of the collection, treatment and environmentally sound disposal of products when they become waste.

Strateco can remove the hassle regarding your Producer Responsibility Compliance under the Packaging Regulations, WEEE Regulations or the Battery Regulations.

Producers should be aware that, in the UK, a free market approach applies and many Producer Compliance Schemes (PCSs) offer their services – while we facility manage a WEEE Compliance Scheme “B2B Compliance” it is managed on behalf of Producers and with the support of many trade associations.

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Strateco does not manage a Packaging or Battery Compliance Scheme and we can assure you that our advice is objective and looks after your interest as a client.

Furthermore, if you produce, transport, handle or process waste we can ensure your compliance with a raft of waste legislation which may apply to your organisations for waste and recycling

Strateco can identify the best options for your business, with years of experience and the best resources to hand...