Waste and Recycling

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If your organisation produces, transports, handles or processes waste you need to be aware and up to date on current legislations such as:

  • Control of Pollution (Amendment) Act 1989
  • Environmental Protection Act 1990
  • Controlled Waste (Registration of Carriers and Seizure of Vehicles) Regulations 1991 (as amended)
  • The Waste (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2012
  • The Controlled Waste (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2012
  • Special Waste Regulations 1996 and Hazardous Waste Regulations (England and Wales) (Amendment) 2009
  • The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2012
  • Pollution Prevention and Control Regulations 2000
  • The Landfill (England and Wales) Regulations 2002 (as amended)
  • Transfrontier Shipment of Waste Regulations
  • The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Amendment) Regulations 2010
  • The Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) (Amendment) Regulations 2010
  • The Packaging (Essential Requirements) (Amendment) Regulations 2009
  • Batteries and Accumulators (Placing on the Market) (Amendment) Regulations 2012
  • The Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations 2009
  • The List of Wastes (England) Regulations 2005

You also need to be aware of costs and possible incomes from recyclates.

Strateco can facility manage the handling of your waste and recyclates, often with little, if any, extra cost, and such costs can often easily be offset with internal savings and reduction in hassle and risk of non-compliance.

For reassurance on all waste – related issues contact us on action@strateco.co.uk

Strateco can identify the best options for your business, with years of experience and the best resources to hand...