Managed Services


Strateco can provide outsourced managed services in several areas – removing the hassle and reducing costs for our clients.

Many companies, trade associations and other organisations lack the resources or specialist knowledge to provide areas of support or solutions to their customers, members or other stakeholders.

Strateco has an excellent track record of delivering external outsourced solutions, quietly, behind the scenes, at lower cost and with greater management accountability that can often be achieved in-house.

We operate a dedicated call centre function for a number of clients – externally providing expert advice, support and practical solutions. Additionally, we run workshops, training, and seminars on a wide range of issues relate to the growing challenges of environmental legislation.


We facility manage one of the UK’s largest WEEE Compliance Schemes on behalf of UK Producers – B2B Compliance. Owned by the Gambica Trade Association and contracted to Strateco since 2004 we have delivered a best value approach to the WEEE Regulations for UK Producers for nearly ten years. Our ethics and ethos has gained the scheme the support of thirteen┬áTrade Associations. Contact us to find out more.