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Meeting of Large Scale PV Working group

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Following the success of an earlier meeting in December the Solar Trade Association is hosting another event on Tuesday 29th January at the offices of Osborne Clarke in London from 10.30am to 1pm. DECC will attend this meeting to give a market update on the PV Strategy, the Renewables roadmap and an overall summary of… Read more »

Tackling waste crime will be a DEFRA priority

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Speaking to waste industry delegates in the House of Commons on 22nd January the Recycling Minister Lord de Mauley commented that, while DEFRA would work to ensure that regulation does not provide uncertainty to investors by creating an ‘uneven playing field’, he said: “Proportionate regulation is vital to protect the environment and there must be… Read more »

Joint Trades Association supports Substantiated Estimates approach

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The Joint Trades Association, comprising a number of key trade bodies and their members affected by the WEEE Regulations, have formally stated their unanimous support for the use of ‘substantiated estimates’ to assist the UK in reaching the forthcoming WEEE collection targets. The development of ‘protocols’, as a mechanism for calculating activities that take place… Read more »

Update on the Free Rider Project

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Following our 7th November posting on the free rider project – the attempt to identify companies avoiding their Producer obligations under WEEE – the consultants have reported a significant number of companies, potentially up to 13,500, described as free riders. The results are very questionable and appear to be significantly too high which has led… Read more »

Household WEEE recycling falls below 2011 rate

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The household WEEE recycling rate for the first three quarters of 2012 has dipped slightly when compared to the same period in 2011, according to Environment Agency data. They indicate that the UK is still significantly short of meeting a 45% recycling rate required in 2016. The data shows that the tonnage of waste electrical… Read more »

Solar Business Focus article addresses WEEE legislation

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The November edition of Solar Business Focus, the magazine for professionals in the solar business, features an article by Strateco chairman, David Burton, which addresses a number of issues that could impact upon the photovoltaics sector under forthcoming WEEE Regulations. Unless the rules under current legislation are changed it could mean significant upfront costs for… Read more »

More WEEE export prosecutions

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Following discovery of illegal shipments of WEEE to Nigeria, Ghana and Pakistan several operators have recently received substantial fines at the Crown Court. Crucial to the cases was the issue of liability and the appeal ruling was that strict liability did apply at all stages of the chain and it was no defence to say… Read more »

Challenges to PV sector outlined

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David Burton, Chairman of Strateco, used the opportunity of his recent presentation to the ERA Conference to outline the potential challenges facing the photovoltaics sector as PV modules are brought into scope of the forthcoming WEEE Regulations. He explained that PV modules would represent the heaviest category of EEE being installed in the household and… Read more »

Strateco Chairman addresses ERA Conference

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Strateco Chairman, David Burton, in his role as Project Director of B2B Compliance was asked once again to present a paper at the recent ERA Conference. David outlined a number of the key challenges facing the B-to-B Producers unless the sector’s concerns were fully taken into account. One of the examples shown illustrated a potential… Read more »

3rd International Conference on PV Recycling – Will WEEE affect PV recycling?

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February 28, 2013 I Rome, Italy The third International Conference on Photovoltaic Module Recycling will be focused on the impact of the Recast WEEE Directive on PV module recycling. Speakers from across the world and PV recycling value chain will discuss technical developments and the benefits of recycling for the PV industry. Topics include: Impact… Read more »