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EA raids 60 illegal waste sites in ‘day of action’

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More than 60 suspected illegal waste sites across England were given surprise inspections by the Environment Agency in a ‘day of action’ against waste crime on 27th March. Over 100 Agency officers visited sites as part of Operation Cyclone – including scrap metal yards and major construction projects where construction waste was suspected of being… Read more »

2012 WEEE collection data released

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The UK’s WEEE collection rate rose fractionally in 2012, despite lower actual collections, but aided by a fall in the tonnage of new products placed onto the market, data published by the Environment Agency last week has shown. The provisional figures show that the total collection rate for household and non-household waste electrical and electronic… Read more »

Surprise early ruling in Judicial Review

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The outcome of the Judicial Review into the separate collection of recyclables definition within the Waste Framework Directive came earlier than expected when the judge’s ruling, after only a few days consideration, means that councils can continue to operate commingled collections of recyclable material including paper, glass, plastic and metal –much the chagrin of some… Read more »

Judical Review decision on recyclables collection due ‘in weeks’

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A verdict on Defra’s interpretation of the Waste Framework Directive on commingled recycling collections is due within weeks, after the Judicial Review hearing at Cardiff Administrative Court ended. While the hearing had been scheduled to last four days it ended after only two after both sides had presented their cases to the judge who has… Read more »

Official launch of EEE reuse standard

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Both the Environment Agency and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) have welcomed the official launch of a reuse specification for used electrical items which is expected to make it easier to identify illegal shipments of WEEE. The PAS 141 specification has been developed by industry experts working with BIS and will be… Read more »

More sectors realise WEEE shortfall

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A group representing Europe’s WEEE recyclers has called for European governments to use the transposition of the Recast WEEE Directive to capture the ‘large flows’ of WEEE that it claims are currently not being counted towards recycling targets. According to a report on Europe’s WEEE regimes released jointly by the European Electronics Recyclers Association (EERA),… Read more »

Strateco addresses Solar Trade Association

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The Managing Director of Strateco addressed members of the Solar Trade Association at a strategy meeting hosted in London on 12th February. The presentation, entitled the Potential Challenges of the WEEE Regulations, flagged up significant cost issues for the photovoltaic (PV) sector which could arise from the transposition of the Recast WEEE Directive into UK… Read more »

Strateco to present at Solar Trade Association meeting

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The Managing Director of Strateco, David Burton, will be giving a presentation on the ‘Potential Impact of the WEEE Regulations’ to a range of Photovoltaic ‘Producers’ (A Producer is a PV company that directly imports) at the next Solar Trade Assoc Strategy meeting on 12th February. The meeting, which will be held in London, will… Read more »

EA investigating alleged WEEE shipment to Nigeria

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The Environment Agency has launched an investigation into an alleged illegal shipment of waste electrical and electronic equipment from Tilbury docks to Nigeria. Two containers have been impounded at the docks in Nigeria and the Nigerian authorities have ordered that the containers be returned to the UK, and have issued a $1million (£632,000) fine to… Read more »

Waste sector has ‘huge potential’

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In a recent address to waste industry delegates at the House of Commons the Recycling Minister, Lord de Mauley, said that the waste sector has “huge potential” to contribute to the UK’s economic recovery, by helping to secure vital raw materials for manufacturers. He said: “The resources sector has huge potential to contribute to the… Read more »