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WEEE Scheme Forum seeking role under new WEEE Regulations

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The WEEE Scheme Forum, which represents 26 of the 38 producer compliance schemes in the UK and over 90% of the tonnage obligation, has announced that it is preparing a bid to act as the operator of a ‘Producer Takeback Scheme’ or to administer the allocation of collection facilities to schemes, as set out in… Read more »

Photovoltaic panels to come under new WEEE legislation

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One of the key developments in the recent WEEE consultation is the inclusion of photovoltaic (PV) panels from 1st January 2014 – this places a number of legal obligations upon the PV sector. While the regulations are somewhat complex, in simple terms they place obligations upon UK importers or manufacturers of PV modules (defined as… Read more »

Industry begins to consider the WEEE Consultation

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While the focus of the WEEE consultation is on the options proposed for addressing issues related to competition in the B2C sector there are some key issues where BIS have scored well. Their proposals for the creation of a 14th category for photovoltaic panels has received universal acceptance. The pragmatic approach of allowing Producers to… Read more »