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WEEE Recast Directive officially published 24th July 2012

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With the long awaited publication of the WEEE Recast Directive on 24th July 2012 in the EU’s Official Journal, WEEE Producers, Schemes, local authorities and AATFs now have a clearer idea of the time-frames and requirements that will be placed on them. The transposition rules state that the UK must create its own Regulations to implement the Directive… Read more »

EA upping its game re WEEE prosecutions

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WEEE prosecutions: No sooner than the ink was dry on BIS’s response to the Red Tape Challenge (see earlier article – where the EA is to list prosecutions, the EA has taken a Compliance Scheme, WEEE Light, to court over a non-compliance dating back to 2010.  While WEEE Light is challenging this, stating it… Read more »

BIS: WEEE’s Red Tape Challenge Response

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BIS announced that its findings following the Red Tape Challenge on WEEE would result in a range of responses: No change when determining relevant year for WEEE figures Local Authorities required to consider Schemes’ existing access to WEEE when granting new contracts Viable plans de-linked from total control by Environment Agency Weights to be submitted… Read more »

Government proposes possible reduction of WEEE Consultation period

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Government consultations periods, including those related to the forthcoming WEEE regulations could be dramatically shortened under plans announced by the Cabinet Office this week (see At present, government consultations run for a minimum of 12 weeks, with extensions given where ‘feasible and sensible’. The measures, which are proposed to come in from Autumn this… Read more »

Strateco advises Producers on “India WEEE legislation”

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Following the recent Introduction of the Indian E Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, Strateco has expressed concern about attempts to recruit and register UK Producers in India. Environment and Technical Services Director, Carl Kruger, commented “ India, along with a number of other countries, is introducing its own “India WEEE legislation” and has developed similar… Read more »

Retailers face additional duties under new WEEE Regulations

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 The forthcoming UK WEEE Regulations, when transposing the Recast Directive (which places duties on Member States) will require that retailers with sales areas relating to EEE of at least 400 m2 must take back any small item of WEEE in-store at no charge to the consumer – and without an obligation to buy anything new…. Read more »

Key findings of the Energy Using Products Study

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A recent study funded by DEFRA, DECC and the Energy Savings Trust, across 251 households, showed that: Domestic standby consumption is higher than previously estimated (9-16% not 5-10%) Refrigeration is the single biggest product energy user Single-person households use as much energy as families On average more than 6 hours of TV a day are… Read more »

Producer Responsibility Review

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The Environment Agency is carrying out a review of all Producer Responsibility legislation in order to improve “coherence” across their various regulatory regimes with an aim of reducing the regulatory burden and, potentially, compliance costs. The Agency is currently developing its consultation document and initial impact assessment, before submitting to ministers, with a view to… Read more »

Minimum requirements for shipments of used EEE

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Following a number of cases of illegal shipments of WEEE the Recast Directive introduces new requirements for export of used EEE to identify that it is clearly not WEEE, Carl Kruger, Technical and Environment Services Director commented “ We hope this will introduce clear rules into the UK Regulations whereas to date there have been… Read more »

Strateco Chairman to address ERA Conference

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Strateco Chairman, David Burton, a Project Director of B2B Compliance, has been invited to address the forthcoming ERA Conference Electrical and Electronic Equipment and the Environment 2012 taking place on the 14-15th November 2012. David Burton responded “This is an excellent opportunity for Producers to understand the potential impacts of the new UK regulations arising… Read more »